Customized X-Ray System

National X-Ray Corp designs many customized Inspection System throughout the Industrial Industry.

With the vast 40 + years of knowledge gathered from manufacturing Industrial Equipment, there isn’t much we can’t do and provide a very robust and long lasting piece of customized equipment.

The process is listed below:

Verify Resolution & Image

What we actually sell is a picture of our client’s parts and components.  We start with the inspection in which we verify we can show the defects of their components.  Once we have the x-ray kV and the type detector to be used for showing the defects, we then start building the customized system around that.

Determining Mechanics & Enclosure

We gather information such as 1) Number of Views; 2) Throughput; 3) Size of Parts and other information.  We then generate a concept along with a Specification for presenting to our customer that includes all aspects of the system.

Design Stage

We have the engineering take the Concept/Specification and generate the mechanical & electrical drawings, release them to manufacturing.

Manufacturing/Installation Stage

We bring in the raw metal, cut the metal, weld assemble, paint and integrate per the drawings provided from engineering.  After Integration, we test and verify the image that we need to provide, ship and install the equipment at the customer site.

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