National X-Ray Corporation has earned a nation-wide reputation across markets for its fast response, excellent customer service, quality products, and integrity.

Equipment Rental/Lease

National X-Ray is a rental/leasing market vendor with a range of equipment components and complete x-ray systems. We are a major participant in the used x-ray sources and complete inspection service market.

Commercial Sales & Used Equipment

National X-Ray manages sales and leasing of its proprietary industrial x-ray equipment along with specific markets detailed in National X-Ray’s product line sales.

We manage specialized sales in the following markets:

  • Welding – With our specialized detectors for hi-resolution welding applications, we lead in many pipe and plate inspection arenas.
  • Die Casting – We offer a standard cabinet line for inspection of various casting types for voids, porosity, shrink, and inclusions. This cabinet line ranges from small to very large and tall parts inspection. Our Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) systems allow us to design custom systems that meet requirements for high throughput applications.
  • Automotive – National X-Ray has accumulated a significant amount of experience in ADR for assembly verification on items such as air bag inflator inspection and 100% inspection of engine and steering parts.
  • Electronics – We have handled numerous jobs for high magnification parts in the electronics industry with tasks including inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and capacitors.
  • Defense – We’ve built ADR systems used in the inspection of defense parts such as mortar rounds and detonators. Our experience includes Explosion-Proof Inspection systems.
  • Manufacturing – Covering a diverse variety of systems, from assembly verification to wall thickness verification, we have the knowledge to aid in increasing your manufacturing throughput to decreasing your scrap.
  • Aerospace/Aviation – We have extensive knowledge in building inspection systems for many different turbine blades to include single-crystal blade inspections and more.

Manufactured Products

In addition to the preferred market sales of commercial new and used x-ray equipment, we design and fabricate products for various manufacturing companies via welding sites, government contractors, and inspection houses that all use NDT (non-destructive testing).

Full Factory Service Center

We serve as one of the few North American full factory service centers for older Philips, COMET, and Gulmay generator repairs. We are the only company able to repair the older Philips line, which has the largest install base of U.S. competitors.

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