NX320-FC Film Cabinets

The National X-Ray Corp.’s line of large radiographic enclosures is designed to meet the demands of today’s radiographic inspection demands.

Typically applied to manual, high through-put applications, these highly configurable enclosures are delivered to specification, configured to the clients’ specific use. Easily incorporated into the modern inspection environment, these enclosures can have manual, semi-automatic and fully automated x-ray system capabilities as well as additional options like filter exchangers, test part manipulators, etc.

In addition, these systems can be configured to capture digital images by using one of the many digital image capturing devices available today, like amorphous silicon, CMOS (area and linear), etc.


  • Sized to fit most demanding, high throughput Radiography demands. Custom sizes available
  • Optionally may contain digital (film-less) Radiography system (a-Si, CMOS detectors)
  • Up to 450 kV X-Ray energy rating Manually or electrically (remote) adjustable
    Film-Focus-Distance (FFD)
  • Digital FFD read-out available
  • Heavy Duty, proven mechanical design incorporates reliable components
  • Enclosure requires only standard electrical
  • Ultra-compact overall design minimizes floorspace requirements
  • Wide range of optional sub-systems available that include…
  • Advanced Digital Detector Panel (a-Si, CMOS) with Image Processing module IMPS III
  • Digital Image Archiving, LAN ready, internet mail compatible, printing ready
  • Complies with all Federal, State, Local Regs.
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