NX411.5LW System

National X-Ray Corp. continuously researches and integrates the latest technology in X-ray image detection systems to produce high performance inspection systems that match the specific needs of the customer application.

Easily integrated into the non-destructive lab, or implemented directly on the production floor, this ergonomic, simple to operate and highly capable x-ray system yields immediate results.

Along with the NXC “IMPS II” series of image processes and equipped with other optional control software packages, this fully configurable system fulfills the requirements of today’s SPC/inspection demands. Digital panels, digital line arrays and digital image intensifer systems, along with a wide variety of x-ray systems and manipulator sub-systems, make this system the ideal non-destructive testing system.


  • Basic system includes advanced analog or digital image intensifier systems coupled to high resolution, no-burn camera modules.
  • Ultra-compact overall design minimizes floor-space requirements.
  • X-ray energies ranging from 80kV to 225kV depending on application needs
  • Wide dynamic operating range
  • Large loading door for fast, simple test part loading
  • Heavy duty four axis test part manipulator eliminates most test part repositioning.
  • Basic system requires only standard electrical supply
  • Wide range of optional sub-systems available that include Gulmay¬† & Comet
  • Advanced Image Processing “IMPS III”
  • Image archiving, LAN ready, internet mail compatible, printing ready
  • Digital imaging (film-less) in various formats (a-Si Panels, CMOS detectors, Linear Detectors)
  • American designed, build and parts readily available from local vendors
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