NX522W Radioscopic Inspection System

National X-Ray Corp. continuously researches and integrates the latest technology in X-ray Inspection Systems to produce high performance inspection systems that match the specific needs of the customer application.

Among these developments is the RSS-450 Radiographic Inspection Shuttle Enclosure, a model example of this drive for continuous improvement. Designed, manufactured and implemented in a customer cooperative environment, the RSS-450 has proven itself to exceed the customers expectations in every catagory or performance.

Years of design, manufacturing and service experience make this enclosure the ideal Non-Destructive Testing partner for the radiographer.

  • Basic system includes advanced analog or digital image intensifier¬† systems coupled to high resolution, no-burn camera modules
  • Ultra-compact overall design minimizes floor space requirements
  • X-Ray energies ranging from 80kV to 225 kV depending on application needs.
  • Wide dynamic operating range
  • Large loading door for fast, simple test part loading
  • Heavy duty five-axis test part manipulator eliminates most test part repositioning
  • Basic system requires only standard electrical supply
  • Wide range of optional sub-systems available that include Gulmay & Comet
  • Advanced Image Processing “IMPS III”
  • Image archiving, LAN ready, internet mail compatible, printing ready
  • Digital imaging (film-less) in various formats (a-Si Panels, CMOS DETECTORS, LINEAR DETECTORS)
  • American Designed, Build and parts readily available from local vendors
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