Real-Time X-Ray System

National X-Ray Corp designs many standard and customized Real-Time Inspection System.

The advantages for utilizing Real-Time Systems is the immediate result of an image while moving and rotating your inspected part.  This can be used for off-line process control up to full 100% in-line inspection of production parts.

Standard RT

We can cover your Real-Time Inspection needs with our Standard Real-Time Systems, which comes in 3 different Inspection Envelopes.  From the smaller NX411W Inspection Cabinet to the medium size NX522W Cabinet up to the large NX623T, we have the right system.

Customized RT

We have the full engineering and manufacturing capabilities to design, manufacture, install and service any system for any needs with Real-Time.  From Customized Wheel Inspection Systems, Tank Inspection Systems up to large axis pipe inspection system, we have the capabilities to deliver.

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