RWS-160 Robotic Wheel Inspection System

National X-Ray Corp. continuously researches and integrates the latest technology in X-ray Inspection Systems to produce high performance inspection systems that match the specific needs of the customer application.

The RWS-160 Robotic Wheel Inspection System is an excellent example of this unique ability. Designed, manufactured and implemented in a customer cooperative environment, the RWS-160 has proven itself to exceed the customers expectations in every category or performance.

Highly evolved technologies coupled with operational simplicity make this system a trouble-free partner on the foundry floor. Implementing a simple numeric keypad data entry system the operator is free to concentrate on the actual inspection task, not on how the system works. Data collected during the inspection system, ACCEPT, REJECT, RETEST, is automatically logged into the database and can be retrieved from any authorized networked computer system. Utilizing all of these features, along with the high-end, proven robotic manipulation system, make this system the ideal Non-Destructive.


  • Advanced analog, or optional digital panel, image intensifier system coupled to high resolution, no-burn camera module
  • Ultra-compact overall design minimizes floor-space requirements
  • 160 kV X-Ray energy or higher depending on application needs
  • Wide dynamic operating range
  • Large INPUT, EXIT and REJECT tunnels allow a wide range of wheel sizes without mechanical doors
  • Heavy Duty, proven robotic wheel manipulator allows complex angle views
  • System requires only standard electrical and air supplies
  • Wide range of optional sub-systems available that include…
  • Advanced Image Processing module IMPS III
  • Image archiving, LAN ready, internet mail compatible, printingready
  • Digital image detectors (film-less) in various formats (a-Si panels, CMOS detectors, Linear Detectors)
  • Complies with all Federal, State and Local Regulations
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