Factory Service

National X-Ray Corporation offers equipment repair services for our proprietary OIS/X-TEK products as well as the Gulmay and COMET product lines.

Full Factory Service Center

We serve as one of only two full factory service centers in North America for COMET and Gulmay generator repairs. We are one of few companies capable of repairing the full equipment line, which has the largest install base of U.S. competitors.

Service staff members perform repairs on various equipment types including:

  • Generators
  • X-ray tubes
  • Cooling units
  • Other items repaired on the factor level

Expert Engineers

Engineers in our corporate office have completed extensive training from Hamburg, Germany, which was home to PHILIPS/YXLON corporate headquarters. Our engineers are skilled in the intricate repair of all COMET/Philips/YXLON and Gulmay equipment.

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