X-Ray Sources

National X-Ray sells and services x-ray parts and equipment to fit most any need.

We offer factory-level service, on-site support, and full spare parts availability. Our company is proud to be a distributor and representative of x-ray source partners including:


COMET Industrial X-Ray is an experienced supplier of components and modules for industrial x-ray applications. Products range from x-ray tubes and sources with small focal spot resolution up to 6 kW output in addition to 600 kV fixed gantry systems suitable for cargo screening and CT systems.


GULMAY generators are compatible with x-ray tubes from the world’s top manufacturers. Output ranges from 50Kv to 450Kv and 640W to 7.5kW in unipolar and bipolar configurations. A full array of metal ceramic x-ray tubes is available with a variety of focal spot and target angle combinations for non-destructive testing, thickness assessing, sorting, and inspection applications.


Philips x-ray equipment is not obsolete. Our engineers are trained in the repair of the older Philips line, and we have the parts you need for systems based on MGC04, PSC01, MGC03, MGC30, MGC35, MGC40, MGC41 and controllers dating back to the early 1960s.

We also sell and service x-ray sources and assorted detectors from other vendors such as Varex and X-Scan.

VAREX X-Ray Tubes System

National X-Ray Corp designs and incorporates its software and hardware for solutions using many Varex system components ranging from industrial X-ray tubes to industrial flat panels and linear accelerators detectors.

X-Ray Tubes

They have a wide range of X-ray tubes that provide a wide range of target angles, focal spots, and power capabilities for nondestructive testing applications.  With the Varex product and the many different kV voltages it has, National X-Ray has the opportunity to meet a very large field of customer requirements.

Flat Panel Detectors

Varex industrial flat panel detectors are also designed to meet a broad spectrum of non-destructive testing applications. With various size offerings,

The Varex detector technology allows our customers to take advantage of superior digital image quality, high throughput, and MEV capabilities. Their detectors produce high-resolution images throughout the field of view and with the many different sizes and kV ranges, there aren’t too many tasks we can’t conquer.

Linear Accelerators

Varex and their high-energy linear accelerators (also known as Linacs), Linatron™, we can provide the ultimate systems for inspection a very large components in the Aero Space, Nuclear and large plate manufacturing fields.

Varex provides linear accelerators that includes interlaced dual-energy technology with an option to alternate X-ray energies on a pulse-to-pulse basis.

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